Voice Retail

Saif Group presents feature-rich Voice Reseller Services for businesses who would like to become mainstream Voice Provider without making huge investments in backbone operations, infrastructure, development and research. Any business entity, whether Internet Service Providers, Call Shop owners or Computer Networking Specialists, or End Users with existing client-relationships in the captive audience for Voice services can join hands with Saif Group and start reaping the benefits of selling Voice-enabled services. Our Reseller program allows you to manage your accounts through a resourceful platform. We provide you with cutting edge tools and features so you can sell the private label Voice service under your own brand name.

VoIP Solutions

We develop Innovative desktop and mobile VoIP software products and solution; we have strong experience and capabilities developing softphones, mobile dialers and Custom SIP solutions for customers worldwide. We create VoIP solutions in both iOS and Android operating systems. We offer “Encryption Server and RTP Packet compresser”, “PC and mobile Softphones (Dialers)” which can make VoIP possible under any firewall and deliver good quality voice even in low bandwidth. With increasing penetration of Internet VoIP has emerged as a cost effective alternative to the Voice communication. VoIP can deliver good voice quality if Internet Bandwidth is ample and network is reliable but in the places where Internet BW is less than required and there is packet loss and delay in the network, traditional VoIP cannot assure customer satisfaction as these conditions can make real time two way communication impossible. Our innovative products are answer to these problems. Our packet compression technology can save Bandwidth up to 60 % and also absorbs delay and packet loss. Our softphones are robust, easy to use and deliver high quality voice.